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Aland Finland 2006 Mi.Nº
Aland Finland 2006 Mi volkswagen dincky toy in real car used by the ALAND post
austria 2008 Mi.Nº Austria 2008 Mi booklet volkswagen 38 pages f&b small 524. 25,00
Belgium 1996 2706        
Belgium 1996 Mi 2706 hv FARARI signed by drawer
Germany 19xx xxxx  VW factory in Wolfsburg illustrated with 17 pictures and 17 descriptions in English and Germans 99,99
Germany 1950 Mi.Nº

Germany 1950 Mi volkswagen minibus front & back-side 038

Hungary 1986  3828-33

Hungary 1986 Mi 3830 Automobile PORSCHE

Netherlands 1995 Mi.Nº
Netherlands 1995 Mi private town-post volkswagen only 2.500 sheets exits 01
Netherlands 2008 Mi.Nº Netherlands 2008 Mi volkswagen private town-post mint 11,50
Serbia 1943 0094-98 Germany occup Serbia 1943 Mi 0094-98 railway airplane carriage auto horses used 737 25,00

Serbia 1943 0094-98 Germany occup Serbien 1943 Mi 0094-98 letter to BAJINA BASTA railway airplane carrigae auto horses with coupon 15-X-1843 letter to BAJINA proofed by ERCEGOVIC bpp f&b 742. 1500,00
Serbia 1943 0094-98 zf Germany occup Serbien 1943 Mi 0094-98 zf railway airplane auto horses used 50,00

01. januar 2019

 rewards in the Europe Union can be done with the use of the
BIC number, when written in Euro 's to ING Bank.

IBAN number is
number is:

Europe 1. R-Letter up to 2000 gram 
11,95 €uro
Austria., Belgium., Denmark., (
Excluding Faroe Islands & Greenland)., Germany., France., (Including Corsica and Monaco)., Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City)., Luxembourg., Spain., (including Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands,) United Kingdom (excluding Gibraltar and the Channel Islands).

Europe 2.
R-Letter up to 2000 gram                                              13,95 €uro
all other countries in Europe (excluding Russia).

R-Letter up to 2000 gram                                                   16,95 €uro
all other countries. (including Russia).

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