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England 1969 0514 England 1969 Mi 0514 NATO globe flags 009. 10,00
England 1970 --..-- England 1970 Mi R-letter 1879 to USA GANDHI 10,00
England 1977 00xx England 1977 table-tennis world championships in Birmingham. 9,50
England 1992 --..-- England 1992 Mi motor bike & sun tours send to LONDON. 7,00

01. januar 2019

 rewards in the Europe Union can be done with the use of the
BIC number, when written in Euro 's to ING Bank.

IBAN number is
number is:

Europe 1. R-Letter up to 2000 gram 
11,95 €uro
Austria., Belgium., Denmark., (
Excluding Faroe Islands & Greenland)., Germany., France., (Including Corsica and Monaco)., Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City)., Luxembourg., Spain., (including Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands,) United Kingdom (excluding Gibraltar and the Channel Islands).

Europe 2.
R-Letter up to 2000 gram                                              13,95 €uro
all other countries in Europe (excluding Russia).

R-Letter up to 2000 gram                                                   16,95 €uro
all other countries. (including Russia).

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