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Ajman 19xx 00xx ajman state SKATING_0003. 5.00
Belgium 1992 2491 the belgium olympic team. 5,50
Bulgaria 2002 pws postalstationary in mint condition 7,00
China     internal letter 8,00
germany 1994 - postman on skates 7,00
  Hungary 19xx photograph Hungary 19xx Mi skating in the oldies photograph well dressed lady printed on very tick carton by photographer FRITZ from KOMAROM town in north Hungary 16,50
Hungary 1987 3929-34

Hungary 1987 Mi 3929-34 winter olympics CALGARY ice-hockey speed-skating MC 006

Netherlands 1970 00xx Netherlands 1970 Mi private town-post perforated complete sheet Ard Schenk., Kees Verkerk., Magne Thomassen., speed-skating FS 50,00
Netherlands 1970 00xx Netherlands 1970 Mi private town-post imperforated complete sheet Ard Schenk., Kees Verkerk., Magne Thomassen., speed-skating FS 50,00
Netherlands 1992 1431 olympics, wintergames and summergames 5,50
Netherlands 1997 00xx netherlands 1997 Mi SKATING front & back 001. 50,00
Netherlands 19xx 00xx netherlands HEMA match-box SKATING 005. 10,00
Netherlands 19xx 00xx netherlands HEMA match-box SKATING 004. 10,00
Netherlands 1999 1603
postal stationary to belgium cancelled with "OSLO stamp DAY" 8,50
Netherlands 2006 2392-93

Two stamps with moving pictures of Ard Schenk en Yvonne van Gennip 'Going for gold' from TPG Post - the Netherlands. These special and unique stamps came out for the Olympic Winter Games of 2006 in Italy. These stamps are real collectors items. The designers of these stamps received the int. 'Red Dot Design Award’ in de categorie ‘Corporate Design’. The stamps are collectors items.

on request

Norway 1994 1139-40 two home made maximum cards skiën and skating 8,50
Norway 1994 1145 olympics Lillehammer 6,50
  Polen 2006 4257-82 Polen 2006 Mi 4257-82 letters KB the alphabet as 2-sheets from A-K and L-Z FS many themes are available see enlarged picture 25,00
Soviet union 1959 2196-97 red and black cancel on orange 40 kopeken postal stationary 15,00
Soviet union 1959 2196-97 black cancel on red 40 kopeken postal stationary 12,00
Soviet union 1960 2310 nice and beautifull older envalop 14,00
Soviet union 1966 3193 zf triangle with coupon 9,00
Soviet union 1970 3825 dark blue 4 kopeken postal stationary 9,00
Soviet union 1971 pws light ark blue 4 kopeken postal stationary 12,00
USA 1980 Mi            
USA 1980 Mi CARD + FDC Speed-skating with signed from Switzerland olympics team with 
Denise Biellman .,Roland Burn ., Silvia Brunner ., Josef Benz ., and Erich Schärer . 003 .

01. januar 2019

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Europe 2.
R-Letter up to 2000 gram                                              13,95 €uro
all other countries in Europe (excluding Russia).

R-Letter up to 2000 gram                                                   16,95 €uro
all other countries. (including Russia).

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